Baker Elementary School's Q-SITE Committee consists of teachers, parent volunteers, community representatives, and the school principal. The committee meets once a month for the entire school year.

The Council is guided by the Altoona Area School District's Vision Statement and Mission Statement:


We will continuously improve the Altoona Area School District so that all are an integral part of our learning community. We strive to cultivate a safe environment where all learn and grow through positive and respectful interactions.


We seek to continuously improve the climate, culture, and student achievement within a safe environment by fostering trust, collaboration, and progressive communication.

and Baker Elementary School Goals:
  • Increase student achievement in all areas of the school curriculum, place a strong emphasis through best teaching practices, assessment, individual strategies and plans designed to meet the needs of the learners.
  • Maintain and strengthen our communication and involvement with parents and the community.
  • Provide our students with a safe, orderly, and well-maintained environment with the emphasis on: Respect, Courtesy and Caring, Responsibility, Self Control and Self Discipline.

After reviewing statements and goals, the Council then examines the critical systems and processes at their school. Information and data is gathered by one, all, or a combination of the following:

Discussion with all stakeholders (staff, parents, community)

Conducting surveys based on the 11 Correlates of Effective Schools and/or Indicators of Schools of Quality

Examine existing data (e.g., grades, standardized tests, attendance)

A goal is then established based on the data collected. The goal will be designed to improve their school within a critical system or process.



AIM- What goal does the Council want to accomplish? How does the goal relate to a correlate, condition, system?

INVESTIGATE- Provide data to show the need to pursue the goal.

DEVELOP- Provide an Action Plan. Determine Key Indicators (specific data that will show the progress of the goal).

EXECUTE- Summarize their findings. Evaluate the data. Plan revisions for continuous improvement.

This plan, once developed, is carried out and executed by ACTION TEAMS who report back to Council at the scheduled meetings.