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Spectacular Evening

Our goal is to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in innovative ways in order to build lasting connections and reach the outer edges of learning.

Baker was one of three elementary buildings selected to pilot the implementation of STEAM. Each grade level received training from the ASSET STEM Education to help with the implementation of our STEAM Modules.

Each year we invite students to submit STEAM-related projects they have done outside of school into our STEAM Fair. These projects were placed on display during Baker's Spectacular Evening. (See examples of projects submitted outside of class, see the slideshow carousel of images above.)

In addition to the classroom projects on display, many students display projects they have completed outside of class, such as:
  • a scrapbook about a favorite animal
  • a poster about a famous artist or inventor
  • actual experiments (growing crystals, baking soda volcanoes, etc.)
  • a presentation on eating healthy foods
  • a model of an airplane
  • a diorama of a habitat
  • a video game created with, Hopscotch, Tinker, Scratch, etc.
  • graphs of sports statistics
Q-SITE Used Book Sale
The Baker Q‐SITE Used Book Sale is held also during Baker's Spectacular Evening. Proceeds benefit Baker Elementary School.