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Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year at Baker Elementary School. 

I hope you had a wonderful summer break, filled with opportunities to learn and grow.  As we start the year, we keep in mind that  education is ever-changing.  As we move forward with changes to our PA Core Standards and many other exciting changes, one constant is that all are dedicated to children and what is best for the little people in our lives.  

Baker continues to show its success.  This year we will continue to build on this success.  Through the help of learners, parents, and learning facilitators we can build a strong community focusing on academic success, fostering the love of learning, and creating productive citizens in our community.  

It is my belief that with all parts of this community working together, we will be unstoppable.  I will do my part by helping create a supportive environment for learners, learning facilitators, and parents.  I expect that learners, learning facilitators, and parents do their part to make our team successful.

I encourage you to introduce yourself and be a part of your learner’s school experience as much as possible.  I look forward to working with you and doing my part to create a wonderful school experience for everyone on the Baker Team!

Mrs. Haley Fleegle

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